Chosen Acres  Increasing Efficiency from Plow To Plate

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Our company

Chosen Acres Vision

“There is a tremendous challenge and opportunity to supply a quality food product by servicing, supporting, and educating dairymen to continue and progress to meet the demands of the future.”
– Jeff Weisel

For the past fifteen years Chosen Acres has been offering dairy farmers an unprecedented operating system that is proven to reduce and even eliminate mastitis and lameness from their herd, while increasing fertility rates. Our operating system decreases disease by over 80%, which reduces costs and increases productivity.

Sustainable Agriculture


Consumer Facing

  • Unique involvement with unique product
  • Disruptive packaging
  • In-store presentation
  • “Healthy” milk and dairy products
  • “Guarantee” of certified dairy products

On-Farm – Certified operations

Processors – Certified operations

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