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Chosen Acres is a family-owned and operated business based in North Lawrence, Ohio, operating successfully for the past 40 years. For the past fifteen years, they have been offering dairy farmers an unprecedented operating system that has proven to reduce and even eliminate mastitis and lameness from their herd, while increasing fertility rates. Our operating system decreases disease by over 80%, which reduces costs and increases productivity.

Now we are providing our expanding network of dairy farms with a stronger, fully-integrated platform that services all of their operating needs and maximizes the value of their higher quality outputs through Chosen Acres.

Our Team

Management Team

Josh Weisel – Josh’s foremost talent is system implementation. As a member of the Chosen Acres team he goes into a milking parlor, assesses their current operating system, and begins…

Juice Weisel — Juice’s calling in life is the operation and management of dairy farms. Experience managing herds of 700 to 6,000 cows gives Juice an intimate knowledge of the…

Jeff Weisel
Dairy Experts

Jeff Weisel – Jeff is the epicenter of the knowledge and energy behind the Chosen Acres operating system. He has spent over 40 years in agriculture examining and tweaking standard…

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