Jeff Weisel

Dairy Experts

Jeff Weisel – Jeff is the epicenter of the knowledge and energy behind the Chosen Acres operating system. He has spent over 40 years in agriculture examining and tweaking standard operating procedures to increase efficiency. His cow-centric system increases the quality of life of the cow, the farmer, and the consumer because healthier cows produce higher quantities of healthier products.

As a consultant Jeff has worked with over 1,000,000 cows across the United States. He has experienced a great deal of success turning around struggling dairy farms of all sizes and making them more productive than ever; however, to date he has lacked the resources to fully integrate his system. He and his family have been on the road pouring their energies into turning around dairies rather than building a corporate structure around their operating system. Now they are looking to grow a small family business into a more scalable model with implications throughout our society from rural economic development to healthcare to environmental sustainability to animal welfare. Jeff has put together this team to provide expertise in the areas necessary to take his business to the next level.