Joshua “Bo” Weisel

Dairy Experts

Josh Weisel – Josh’s foremost talent is system implementation. As a member of the Chosen Acres team he goes into a milking parlor, assesses their current operating system, and begins to turn it around without slowing the dairy’s operation. Chosen Acres customizes the specifics of its operating system to each individual dairy based on a number of factors from geography to layout, so this analytical problem-solving ability is crucial to successfully implementing the operating system. Josh builds strong relationships with dairies utilizing the Chosen Acres operating system, and these farmers use him as a trusted adviser and troubleshooter. Whether it’s a slight rise in somatic cell count or a major expansion of their operation, these dairymen rely on Josh to provide insight on how to solve their problems. Josh will put this experience and skill-set to work as a leader in fully integrating and expanding the Chosen Acres system.