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Chosen Acres Teat Dip Concentrate

The Inspiration

Working as consultants inside the parlors of hundreds of dairy farms and thousands of cows for many years, Chosen Acres was challenged by dairymen who were frustrated and disappointed with current teat dips on the market. "Tell me what works..." was always the question. Nothing made sense, so Chosen Acres team went to work and developed a product that has proven itself superior to all competitors for nearly 10 years. We desired an end product that effortlessly cleaned the teat, repaired and protected the skin, and killed bacteria on contact-We delivered. Dairymen have experienced immediate results time and time again of lowered SCC, reduced mastitis, and incredibly clean, healthy teats. Chosen Acres Teat Dip Concentrate has been effective on all types of dairy operations, ranging from 20 to 10,000 cow herds and spanning all climates in the U.S. from coast to coast.

Why Choose Chosen Acres Teat Dip Concentrate?

Not Just A Glycerin
Not Just A Glycerin!
Teat Health
Teat Health
Mixes with Clorox Bleach
Designed To Blend With Clorox

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Teat Dip Concentrate

The Science

The unique composition of oleic oils, natural fats, glycerol, and aggressive soil release agents propel the Teat Dip Concentrate to stand above ineffective competitors. Simply mix TDC with water and Clorox to activate ingredients that eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, while cleaning, moisturizing and protecting the teat. The science behind the dip is simple. The agents initiate the cleaning power which breaks down and softens all foreign material so you can clean in one wipe. The Clorox disinfects and kills harmful bacteria on contact preventing the spread of mastitus and lowering SCC. The oils and fats are absorbed quickly by the teat tissue, healing the skin and protecting it until the next application. The glycerol acts as the protectant barrier that allows the teat to retain moisture long after application. Combining this ingredient package as a pre and post dip gives a knock-out punch to cracked teats, hyperkeratosis, mastitis, and ultimately improves your bottom line!

The Advantages

  • Eliminate the harmful dyes and chemicals
    from entering the pipeline and ultimately your food!
  • 1 gallon of Teat Dip Concentrate makes 21 gallons of Ready-To-Use product!
    Saves shipping and storage space.
  • Apply with dip cup, power dipper, or spraying device of your choice!
  • Used as both a pre and post dip!
    No more having 2 products confused on which is which.
  • Not a paste like substance sealing the pores of the teat...
    imagine a cleaner healthier teat that rejuvenates itself.

The Implementation

  1. Call Chosen Acres at 330-880-0835 and order Teat Dip Concentrate today!
  2. Receive Teat Dip Concentrate with Simple Mixing Instructions in English and/or Spanish.
  3. Use on your dairy and experience the unprecedented results of hundreds of others!
  4. Enjoy the effectiveness and the savings of direct shipping.